Body Tub Kit, Unassembled

Item Number: BH-03016
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Detailed Description

Body Tub Kit, Unassembled. This is all the pieces required to build a full body tub. Not all pieces may be pictured. Full assembly required!
NOTE: This kit is setup to run 68-77 Doors. If you are wanting to install early doors, please indicate this is in the notes section prior to checkout, and we will substitute the late door pillars for 66-67 door pillars.

DISCLAIMER: These tubs require lots of work to be assembled properly. There is a common misconception that these kits "fall together," which is simply not true. These kits will require fitment, cutting, grinding, etc. to get a nice, clean fit. If you have no experience welding a tub together, we do not recommend this kit.

These kits include the following items
1966A, Windshield Frame Cowl Panel
9021, LH Upper Cowl Panel
9022B, RH Upper Cowl Panel
1964L, Driver Dash Firewall Panel
1964R, Passenger Dash Firewall Panel
1964B, Upper Dash Center Panel
9024A, Outer Firewall Heater Box Reinforcement Panel, Pass Inner
9024B, Outer Firewall to Wheel Well Support, Pass Outer
1959, Parking Break Pedal Assembly Firewall Backing Plate
9020, Clutch Pedal to Firewall Reinforcement Panel
9023, Cowl Extension Panel, KH
1945, Driver Inner Kick Panel
1950, Passenger Inner Kick Panel
1935, Driver Side Front Wheel Well
1940, Passenger Side Front Wheel Well
1900, Driver Inner Fender Skirt
1905, Passenger Inner Fender Skirt
2055, Core Support
2050, Core Support Bracket Kit
1934, Front Wheel Well to Firewall Braces, Pair
6375, V-8 Radiator Hangers
1952, Driver Front Floor Pan
1953, Passenger Front Floor Pan
1954, Passenger Rear Floor Pan
1964, Lower Dash Center Panel
1963, Stock Tunnel Cover
1948, Upper Seat Platform
1958, Parking Brake Cable Floor Mat
1948B, Floor Pan Seat Reinforcements, Driver Side
9005, Rear Wheel Well Extension Panel, Driver Front Side
9006, Rear Wheel Well Extension Panel, Passenger Front Side
9007, Rear Wheel Well Extension Panel, Driver Side Rear
9008, Rear Wheel Well Extension Panel, Passenger Side Rear
1991, Rear Floor Pan
1992, Filler Neck Extension Rear
1993, Filler Neck Extension Front
1937, Driver Rear Wheel Well Tub
1947, Passenger Rear Wheel Well Tub
9000, Floor Pan Support Cross Rail, Front Floor Pans
9000B, Floor Pan Support Braces, Front Pans
9001, Floor Pan Support Cross Rail, front seat platform
9002, Floor Pan Support Cross Rail, Front of Bed
9002R, Floor Pan Support RH Brace
9002L, Floor Pan Support LH Brace
9003, Floor Pan Support Cross Rail, Center of Bed
9004, Floor Pan Support Cross Rail, Rear of Bed
2046, Tail Light Section Support Brackets, Lower Pair
2058L, Upper/Inner Driver Side Quarter Panel
2058R, Upper/Inner Passenger Side Quarter Panel
2057L, Quarter Panel, Lower Driver
2057R, Quarter Panel, Lower Passenger
1336, Driver Side Tailgate Post
1337, Passenger Side Tailgate Post
2063B, Tail Light Housing, Driver Side
2064B, Tail Light Housing, Passenger Side
1990, 3-Sided Rocker Panels x 2
1988, Driver Inner Rocker Panel
1989, Passenger Inner Rocker Panel
1068, Driver Rear Door Pillar
1070, Passenger Rear Door Pillar
1067, Door Pillar Upper Extension Panel, Rear Driver
1069, Door Pillar Upper Extension Panel, Rear Passenger
9009, Rear Door Pillar Brace, LH
9010, Rear Door Pillar Brace, RH
1060, Front Driver Door Pillar
1062, Front Passenger Door Pillar
1060A, Door Pillar to Cowl Brace, Outer Driver
1060B, Door Pillar to Cowl Brace, Inner Driver
1062A, Door Pillar to Cowl Brace, Outer Passenger
1062B, Door Pillar to Cowl Brace, Inner Passenger
6268B, Fuel Filler Neck Support Bracket
2691, Emergency Brake Cable Bracket, Front Center
2692, Emergency Brake Cable Bracket, Rear Cables

Ford Part Number
Dynacorn Part Number
Scott Drake Part Number
Tomís Bronco Part Number 9500
Wild Horses 4x4 Part Number
Dennis Carpenter Part Number