Brake Pedal Pad w/Bronco Script, Large, Disc, 76-79 Bronco

Item Number: BH-04068
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Detailed Description

Large Disc Brake Pedal Pad w/Bronco Script for 1976 & 1977 Ford Broncos. This replaces the factory rubber pad that attaches to your brake pedal. This pedal pad is wider than the factory 66-75 brake/clutch pedal pad. If you have installed the wider brake pedal into a 66-75 Bronco, this would be the correct pad to use in that situation. The "Bronco" script is molded into the rubber of this pedal pad. This is a Ford Motor Company Official Licensed Product.

Ford Part Number
Dynacorn Part Number
Scott Drake Part Number
Tomís Bronco Part Number 1856
Wild Horses 4x4 Part Number
Dennis Carpenter Part Number