Drilled / Slotted REAR Disc Brake Kit - 10 or 11 INCH

Item Number: BH-04105
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Detailed Description

Rear Disc Brake Kit is now available with SLOTTED & DRILLED ROTORS!
This BRAND NEW Rear Disc Brake Kit includes:
2 x Rear Disc Brake Rotors
2 x Rear Disc Caliper Brackets
Driver & Passenger Rear Disc Brake Calipers w/Ceramic Pads
2 x Braided Stainless Steel Rear Disc Brake Caliper Hoses
Steel Hard Lines for Rear Differential
Driver & Passnger Extended Emergency Brake Cables for Rear Disc Kit
2 x Axle Bearing Retainer Plates

This is a bolt on rear disc brake kit with with the exception of the brake line brackets which should be welded to the differential. The rotors slide over your axles with no machining of the axles required.
Please select if your Bronco has 10'' or 11'' inside diameter rear drums.

INSTALLING THIS KIT WITH STOCK STEEL WHEELS WILL REQUIRE SPACERS FOR CLEARANCE. If you have factory 5 1/2" wide wheels, you will need a 1/2" spacer along with longer axle studs. If you have factory 6" wide wheels, you will need a 1/4" spacer.

NOTE: In Bronco applications, the 10'' kit will use 3/8'' axle retainer bolts. The 11'' kit uses 1/2'' axle retainer bolts. This is a GREAT way to identify if you have 10" or 11" brakes if you are unable to locate the backing plate numbers as detailed below.
BACKING PLATE NUMBERS: It is essential for the customer to retrieve a backing plate number so that we can ensure you get the correct parts the first time. A photo has been supplied as to where to locate the backing plate number. The picture is referencing to the driver side. There is also a number located in the same position on the passenger side if driver side is unreadable.


Ford Part Number
Dynacorn Part Number
Scott Drake Part Number
Tomís Bronco Part Number 7500SL
Wild Horses 4x4 Part Number
Dennis Carpenter Part Number