Firewall to Wheel Well Support

Item Number: BH-03190
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Detailed Description

This firewall to wheel well support for 66-77 Ford Broncos welds onto the engine side of the vertical firewall in the Bronco. The support gets spot-welded to the Wheel Well to Firewall Support Braces to provide support for the front wheel housings. Earlier model classic Broncos used two of these supports, one on each wheel well. In later years, they used a different support for the passenger side and used this support only for the driver's side. We recommend you check the firewall on your Bronco to ensure you get the correct quantity of this part for your application.

Ford Part Number
Dynacorn Part Number
Scott Drake Part Number
Tomís Bronco Part Number 1934B
Wild Horses 4x4 Part Number
Dennis Carpenter Part Number