Hydraulic Hood Lift Props, Pair

Item Number: BH-03114
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Detailed Description

New Hydraulic Hood Lift Prop Rods for 66-77 Classic Ford Broncos. These hood shocks are one of the best easy upgrades you can give your Early Bronco. Whether you are taking your Classic Bronco to a show or you are just tired of having to set the factory manual prop rod each time you open your Bronco's hood, then these Hydraulic Hood Prop Rods are just what you need. With these props you simply pop the hood and as you start to lift, the hood props do all the work for you.

WARNING: If the rear-most crossbrace in your hood has been cut to install a hood scoop or other modification, we DO NOT recommend installing these hood props. Also, please ensure your hood is free from cracks, creases or excessive bondo as this can weaken the hood and cause damage when using hydraulic hood props. Pay particular attention to the side edges of the hood. Existing stress cracks in the side edges of the hood can weaken the hood greatly.

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Dynacorn Part Number
Scott Drake Part Number
Tomís Bronco Part Number 2039
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