Bronco Television

As seen on MotorTrend TV on Saturday mornings the crew from Brand New Muscle Car of Tulsa, Oklahoma builds a 1966 classic Ford Bronco from start to finish on national television. This amazing custom restomod build features a 435 hp 5.0 Coyote engine, TREMEC 5-speed manual transmission, all new suspension, brakes, shocks, wheels, tires and much more. As you follow the build through all 13 episodes you see the BNMC crew tackle the challenge of creating a great looking classic Bronco with all the comforts of a modern automobile such as fuel injection, air conditioning, 900 watt KICKER water-proof sound system, custom leather interior, power everything, full gauges, and even hard wood flooring. Enjoy the ride of Brand New Muscle Car: Classic Bronco! Presented without commercial interruption here by Bronco Hut. No One Out Bronco's the Hut!