Warn Locking Hubs, Standard, 66-79 Ford Bronco, Pair

Item Number: BH-04139
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Detailed Description

Standard Warn Locking Hubs for 66-77 Classic Ford Bronco. What's the difference between Standard & Premium Warn Hubs?
Primarily there are two differences between the Standard & Premium locking hubs. Both have to do with the center grips. The Premium Hub center grips are metal and require a 180 turn to lock them in. The Standard Hub center grips are plastic and only require a 90 turn to lock them in. For most Bronco owners we actually recommend the Standard Warn Locking Hubs because they are much easier to grip which makes a big difference when you are trying to lock in your hubs in cold weather, mud, etc. The major advantage of the Premium Warn Locking Hubs is that the metal insert is of course more durable than the plastic insert. However, we have had very good results with both styles of locking hubs as far as longevity and durability.

Ford Part Number
Dynacorn Part Number
Scott Drake Part Number
Tomís Bronco Part Number 3311
Wild Horses 4x4 Part Number
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